30 Ideas for Incorporating Play into Your Marriage

Fun Marriage Activities

30 Ideas for Incorporating Play into Your Marriage

Here are 30 different ways you can be more playful in your romantic relationship. The best activities are ones that would be relatively easy to do and enjoyable for both of you.

1. Attending parties

2. Dining out with other couples

3. Going to sporting events together

4. Hosting parties

5. Going to the movies

6. Going to museums and art galleries

7. Attending concerts or plays

8. Participation in a book club or gourmet cooking class

9. Traveling

10. Playing or listening to music together

11. Telling or listening to jokes or funny stories

12. Going to comedy clubs

13. Acting silly

14. Watching comedies on television

15. Finding humor in day-to-day events

16. Playing board games

17. Working jigsaw puzzles

18. Playing computer games

19. Playing cards

20. Playing charades

21. Enjoyable physical activities (hikes, runs, swims, dance)

22. Participating in sports

23. Watching sporting events

24. Doing aerobic workouts

25. Camping

26. Taking a bath or shower with your partner

27. Flirting with your partner

28. Hugging and holding hands with your partner

29. Giving each other massages

30. Having playful sex with your partner

Hopefully this list has spurred your creative juices for coming up with ways to be more playful in your relationships. If you think of other ideas, include them in the comments box below.

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*This list was drawn from the Couple Play Assessment developed by R. William Betcher.



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