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Lifespark was created to build a community interested in evidence-based strategies and tips on how to find meaning in life and discover new ways to improve yourself.

With so much self-help content online, Lifespark is taking a unique approach by breaking down peer-reviewed scientific research for the purpose of sharing this valuable content with the general community. Thus, part of our mission at Lifespark is to bring 21st century science into the mainstream by making it interesting and relatable to everyday life problems and concerns.

Each week we explore a new topic related to finding the meaning of life. And every day, we publish original articles, quizzes, exercises, and videos that are developed and curated by Dr. Jason M. Holland, an established mental health expert. In addition, we offer exclusive, premium content to members who have registered for a free Lifespark Exclusive membership. To promote further engagement, we also provide answers to your most pressing questions in our advice column.

Through all of these avenues, our ultimate hope is to spark conversations about expressing the purest of all our freedoms – to choose how we’ll respond to our circumstances, to choose to find dignity in suffering, triumph in tragedy, growth through conflict, and unshakable purpose, even in the face of great stress.

So, come with us on this journey and join us every day for conversations about meaning. We’re just getting started here!

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This website is for educational and inspirational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or mental health counseling.

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About Dr. Jason M. Holland

Dr. Jason Holland

Jason M. Holland, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and has worked as a researcher, instructor, and therapist in a number of academic and medical settings, including Stanford University. He is also presently the Associate Editor for Death Studies, an international peer-reviewed journal focusing on research, theory, and clinical issues related to death and dying.

Dr. Holland has published more than 70 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and invited papers that examine issues related to grief and loss, caregiving, coping with chronic/serious illness, aging and mental health, hormonal responses to stress, and meaning-reconstruction following traumatic life events.

His work has been cited thousands of times by professionals across the world and has been praised by a number of prominent organizations. In 2008, the Alzheimer’s Association awarded Dr. Holland the Kathryn Grupe Award for Alzheimer’s Research. And in 2015, he was selected for the Early Career Research Award by the Western Psychological Association. Dr. Holland currently serves as the CEO and Editor of Lifespark.

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