Ask for advice from Dr. Jason, a leading mental health expert on finding meaning and purpose in life. Read Dr. Jason’s responses to questions posed from the Lifespark community. We welcome you to to submit your questions or thoughts below!


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Looking for advice on how to find meaning in life? In order to foster growth and emotional well-being in our Lifespark Community, we encourage you to send us your questions and thoughts on your search for meaning and purpose in life.

We want to have a direct conversation with you, the Lifespark Community, about the problems you’re facing and respond to your deepest concerns. We want to be a partner with you in finding the meaning of life for yourself and bravely facing life challenges in an imperfect world.

Dr. Holland regularly responds to requests in his advice column. Questions that are of broad interest and touch on issues that are of most relevance to the Lifespark community (e.g., focusing on how to find meaning in life or ways to find your life purpose) are most likely to get responses.

So, please submit your questions below or on social media using #AskJason:

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Don’t be shy! Are you looking for relationship advice? Spiritual advice? Advice for a broken heart? Or maybe you’re stepping back and asking, what does it all mean? Join the discussion and send us your questions today!

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