Q&A: Mental Health Advocate Tells Her Story of Resilience

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Mental health advocate, Rebecca Lombardo, answers questions and shares her story of resilience with Lifespark. Rebecca is the creator of the #KeepTalkingMH hashtag, blogger for HuffPost and The Mighty, podcast host, and best-selling author of It’s Not Your Journey.

  . . . Try to keep in mind that you’ve got a story to tell and you’ll never give up.

-Rebecca Lombardo

Q1: Would you be willing to share your story? What key insights have you learned that might help others with depression, anxiety, or grief?

One of the main things I have come to understand, you can’t just give up. Life may be hard right now, but tomorrow might be completely different. It helps to communicate with the people that love you. I’ve been bipolar for nearly 30 years. Now I am at the stage in my life where I can recognize when I’m falling back into that pit. Communication is the strongest point in most relationships, but your partner will also need to be assured that they’ve done nothing wrong.

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Q2: What has helped you to be resilient in the wake of hardship and loss?

The answers to this question usually vary. My husband however does a wonderful job of making me feel like a human being again. I will often spend the day sprawled out on my bed watching movies, just to keep my mind occupied. Now I’m at the stage in my life where self-care is very important in the types of situations. 

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Q3: How can others facing similar challenges take the first step in empowering themselves to write, share and advocate for mental health awareness?

If you want to write a book and get it published, the first advice I have is to grow a thick skin because you’ll need it. Keep focused on your goal and never stop writing! Finding a publisher is extremely hard, but just try to keep in mind that you’ve got a story to tell and you’ll never give up.

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Q4: Tell us about your latest book. What is the one main takeaway you want your readers to remember?

My book is basically my life in 2 years before and after my suicide attempt in 2013. I began as a blog and is now a book. It’s available on Amazon. The most important thing I want people to take away is that my footsteps are not the way to go. I’ve been through a lot and made a lot of bad decisions, so I consider this book a cautionary tale. It took everything I had to write that book, and it will take everything you have trying to promote it and sell it. Don’t let this discourage you in any way. I just wanted to be realistic.

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