GET ADVICE: Ask Jason – What Makes You Get Out of Bed in the Morning? Dr. Jason Answers ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’

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Toni writes:

So, what is your current working model for the meaning of life?


Dr. Holland’s Reply:

Thanks for getting the conversation started! Well, first I should say that I consider myself an expert on how people can find meaning for themselves but claim no authority on the ultimate question of ‘What is the meaning of life?’ That said, I am human and have my own ideas.

Personally, I feel that I am part of a larger consciousness–one that connects all living things, plants and animals. We each wear our own lens that we view our lives through that allow us to fulfill our unique mission.

A bee sees the world in ultraviolet and perceives patterns in flowers that are imperceptible to you and me, attracting them to the flowers’ pollen (click here for pictures of flowers from a bee’s perspective). But I doubt they realize the beauty or significance of what they do.

In a similar way, I feel pulled, pushed, and inspired to respond to the stimuli I’m allowed to perceive with my limited human capabilities. I believe feelings are significant and represent important messages from the self, to the self, about the self. So, I take them seriously.

Right now, I have a strong feeling that I am on a mission to get more people talking about issues that matter. And that’s what drives me to get up every morning. But we each have our own unique calling.

I may never see the true fruits of my labor, but I have faith that, not too unlike the bee and the flower, there is a larger beauty and significance to the forces that guide me.   

So, what’s your personal working model for understanding the meaning of life? Let us know in the comments below!

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SearchingforMeaning writes:

What is the meaning of life and love in one paragraph?


Dr. Holland’s Reply:

I’ll do you one better. Here it is in 5 words!

To learn, create, and grow.

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