Self-Help Skills and Mental Health Activities

If you want to find new ways to improve yourself and develop self-help skills using evidence-based strategies, try a Lifespark exercise today!


Making Change Happen

EXCLUSIVE (members-only) – Try Our Decisional Balance Worksheet and Get Yourself Motivated for Change


How can you get yourself motivated to make a change when you’re not entirely committed yet?
In the early stages of the change process, it can be helpful to take a step back and ask yourself, ‘How serious am I about making this change?’

This exercise is designed to help you in this stepping-back process.

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How to Change Negative Thinking

How to Stop Black and White Thinking: Try Our ‘Examining the Evidence Exercise’!

Do you ever make broad generalizations or think in extreme ways? Maybe you catch yourself thinking ‘Things will never get better’ or ‘I’m always screwing up.’

Such thoughts can wreak havoc on our sense of emotional well-being. If you want to try out one powerful method for re-thinking extreme negative thoughts, answer the questions in this exercise.

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How to Stop Negative Self Talk and Tame Your Critical Inner Voice in 5 Steps

For many of us, there is a critical inner voice that has risen up loudly above the others. And if you let it, this voice can be relentless, metastasizing into an endless stream of personal critiques that troll and harass you into the night.

So, how do you begin to negotiate with this bully in your brain? Here are 5 tips for starting the process.

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EXCLUSIVE (members-only) – Overcoming Negative Thinking Patterns Using an Automatic Thought Record

One way to reverse this pattern is to pay more attention to negative thoughts and use an automatic thought record to identify, describe, and challenge them. Our Negative Automatic Thoughts Worksheet is designed to walk you through the process. To get the most out of this exercise, follow the steps in this exercise.

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Getting Your Mind Unstuck 

One Easy Trick to Begin Seeing the World in a Different Way

Thinking Flexibly

There are a number of ways to potentially enhance your mental flexibility, which refers to the ability to switch tasks and consider multiple perspectives.

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EXCLUSIVE (members-only) – Mindfulness Meditation Video & Audio Guides


Try our free mindfulness meditation video or audio guide that we created to walk you through the process.

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Where Science Meets Soul

EXCLUSIVE (members-only) – Charting Your Spiritual Journey

Science & Faith

This exercise is designed to help you clarify and describe your journey, as your views of cosmic, moral, and spiritual matters have developed over time. It explores your spiritual origins, present beliefs and challenges, as well as future goals and concerns.

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Hack into Your (Un)conscious Mind

EXCLUSIVE (members-only): Using a Daily Dream Diary: Keeping a Record of Your Unconscious Thoughts


We’ve provided you with a structured dream diary that poses 4 general questions about your dream. These questions are based on research findings about the meaning of dreams.

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EXCLUSIVE (members-only): Learn to Practice Tratak Meditation


A classic form of meditation called Tratak (also referred to as Trataka) allows people to practice observing their mind as it splashes vivid imagery across their field of vision.

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Being Heard and Understood

EXCLUSIVE (members-only) – Taking a Step Back and Mapping the Patterns of Conflict in Your Relationship


At the end of these 10 steps you will have completed what’s called a bow tie diagram, which pictorially represents conflict between two people.

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Saying Goodbye

EXCLUSIVE (members-only) – Making Meaning of Loss in 5 Days

Saying Goodbye

These exercises are designed to elicit new thoughts and feelings that may help you to make sense of loss and find some meaning in the experience.

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EXCLUSIVE (members-only) – Working through Unfinished Business: Writing a Letter to Someone From Your Past

Saying Goodbye Unfinished Letter

If you are experiencing unfinished business, try writing a letter to the person from which you’ve been separated. The point is not to deliver the letter to this person (if he/she is still living) but to organize and process your own thoughts and feelings about the relationship.

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Finding Meaning in Life

When Your Life Story Takes a Nose Dive: 3 Ways of ‘Re-storying’ the Darker Moments in Life

Self-narrativeTry these writing exercises to help you re-author the hardest chapters of your life story. 

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