Where did the idea for Lifespark come from?

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After growing tired of writing primarily for an academic audience, Dr. Holland turned his attention in 2018 to innovating the self-help industry with the launch of his online well-being magazine, Lifespark Weekly. Unlike most self-help content that’s written by untrained ‘gurus’ and based solely on their personal insights, Lifespark Weekly was created to bridge the gap between science and soul by offering evidence-based strategies, tips, exercises, and insights on how to find meaning in life.

Struck by the intense thirst for meaning that he observed among his patients and research participants, Dr. Holland recognized the overwhelming need for a worldwide community that could serve as an antidote to the dehumanizing realities of modern living (e.g., feeling lost and isolated in impersonal bureaucracies and virtual universes). Lifespark Weekly was designed to address this need.

By offering engaging, evidence-based articles, exercises, quizzes, videos, and advice, Lifespark strives to rise above the mindless chatter that pervades much of modern life. Our goal is to ‘spark’ dialogue, questions, and new kinds of thinking about finding the meaning of life, and in the process, we hope to add some spark to your daily life too!