When Your Calling in Life Calls Your Name: Listening to the Voice Inside

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Calling in life can come in many forms.

  Believing that you are called to do something important is a fundamental part of living a meaningful and satisfying life.

-Dr. Jason Holland, Lifespark

A sizable number of workers (20% in one study) report that they were called to pursue their career/job by God or a higher power. But, of course, not all callings originate from an external summons that commands us to live out our life purpose.

For others it may be more about having a sense of destiny that this is the work that I’m supposed to do. Some may also view their calling in more pragmatic terms representing the perfect fit or match with their skills, abilities, and likes.

Research studies have consistently shown that those who have a sense of calling and feel as though they are, to some extent, living out that calling are more likely to experience their lives as meaningful and satisfying.

And this link between having a calling and life satisfaction seems to persist regardless of where the calling originates. So, whether it’s a voice calling you from above or simply an internal sense that you’ve found your ideal career path, believing that you are called to do something important is a fundamental part of living a meaningful and satisfying life.  

Everyday this week we’re going to focus on personal callings.

Tomorrow’s piece offers strategies for finding your personal calling in life. Then on Wednesday you can take our quiz and find out more about your passion at work.

And if you’re feeling like you’re in a dead-end job, definitely check out Thursday’s article on how to live out your calling even when you feel stuck.

We then end the week on Friday exploring the dark side of having a calling in life and offer tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of being passionate about what you’re doing.

So, tune in every day this week for more on finding your life calling! And in the comments below let us know about your calling and where it came from. Were you summoned by a higher power, or was it more of a sense of destiny or perfect fit for you?     

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