Working with Passion: Take the Quiz and Find Out if Your Passion is Harmonious or Obsessive

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Do you find yourself pulled toward one activity that feels particularly important to you and takes up a large chunk of your time?

Maybe it’s your work or some other interest that you’re passionate about. Take the quiz here to find out about your passions. And read more about harmonious and obsessive passions in the article below.


Passion is an essential ingredient of a calling, but can it ever be too much? According to research conducted Dr. Robert Vallerand and his colleagues, passion can fall into two categories.

Obsessive passion is driven by a controlling inner self that pressures someone to keep doing more and more. Eventually, the activity may come to totally define who they are and how they see themselves. As you might expect, this sort of all-consuming passion is associated with negativity and rigidity.

In contrast, harmonious passion involves a conscious willingness to engage in an activity that one likes. The activity is freely chosen, and though it may take up a considerable amount of time and energy, it is balanced by other passions and interests.

So, what are you most passionate about? Has it ever crossed over into the realm of obsessive passion? Take the passion quiz and find out!


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