Fun Quizzes to Learn About Yourself

Take one of our fun psychology quizzes for self-discovery or to find new ways to improve yourself.


How to Change Negative Thinking

What Kinds of Automatic Thoughts Pop Into Your Head? Take Our Negative Thinking Test and Find Out

Taking the time to identify your negative thoughts and learn to capture them in the moment is definitely worth the effort. After all, how can you really begin to change negative patterns of thinking if you don’t even know what you’re up against? If you’d like to get a better handle on the kinds of negative thoughts that you tend to default to, then take our quiz.





Getting Your Mind Unstuck 

Take the Coping Flexibility Quiz and Find Out How Flexible You Are!

Thinking FlexiblyHow flexible are you when coping with stressful events in your life? Take the quiz and find out how you stack up with others






Where Science Meets Soul

Do You Have Faith in Science and Technology? Participate in Our Poll and Find Out What Others Think.

Science & Faith

Will science and the technological advances that stem from it lead to our ultimate peril? Or is science destined to bring about a virtual utopia that is free of disease and meaningless suffering? Or is the answer somewhere in between?

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Hack into Your (Un)conscious Mind

Do you want to know how mindful you are in everyday life? Take our mindfulness quiz and find out!

Mindfulness seems to allow people to try on different lenses for viewing the reality of their lives, often resulting in enduring positive changes in the way they interpret conscious experiences.

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It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It: Take the Quiz and Learn More about Your Communication StyleCommunication Style

One way of describing the way we typically interact with others is to categorize communication into different styles. Learn what communication styles you typically use when interacting with others

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Saying Goodbye

Take the “Unfinished Business” Quiz and Learn More about Finding Closure in Your Past Relationships

LonelyWindowIf you are interested in finding out to what extent you might be carrying around some unfinished business from your past, take the quiz and learn more about your experiences and how they compare with others.





Ever Considered Talking to a Shrink? Take the Quiz to Learn More about Your Expectations of Treatment

TypeTherapyQuizIf you’ve ever thought about visiting a therapist and are curious about your own expectations of treatment, take our quiz to learn more. 

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Finding Meaning in Life

Want to find out if you’ve made meaning of a stressful event or experience in your life? Take the Stressful Life Event Quiz.

In a number of studies, we’ve found that those who have made meaning of a stressful life event are less likely to experience mental and physical health problems afterward, even after accounting for other known risk and resiliency factors.

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