Research Consultation Service

Dr. Jason Holland and the Lifespark team offer a broad range of research consultation services. Dr. Holland has extensive expertise and experience as a social science researcher. He has published more than 80 academic articles and chapters, served as an associate editor for 6 years at a leading peer-reviewed journal, and was awarded the Early Career Research Award in 2015 by the Western Psychological Association for his accomplishments.

For a full description of his experience and achievements, see Dr. Holland’s curriculum vita.

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Lifespark offers a variety of research consultation services including:

Big Data Consulting

Organizations often collect massive data sets (on their products, programs, and/or campaigns) that become so unwieldy that it’s difficult to sift out key insights that can clearly guide future decision-making. Dr. Holland offers big data consulting and data mining consulting services to organizations with existing data that would like to develop data-driven initiatives for improving their products or services.

Market Research Consulting

Lifespark offers a range of market research consulting services, whether you need help working with consumer survey panel data or testing marketing campaigns. Work with Dr. Holland to design your study to get results that you can trust. Part of his market research consulting services also involves analyzing your data using advanced statistical methods to uncover hidden trends and insights.

Program Evaluation Consulting

Funding agencies and other stakeholders often require organizations to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs. Dr. Holland has expertise in quantitative program evaluation consulting and as well as ‘mixed methods’ for integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches in program evaluation. From start to finish, Lifespark can help you:

  1. Develop appropriate questions for evaluation of a program
  2. Design your study using the latest program evaluation tools and methods
  3. Analyze program evaluation data
  4. Develop graphics and reports that describe the findings from your program evaluation study

Psychometric Consulting

Lifespark offers a variety of psychometric consulting services and can help you develop custom questionnaires, proficiency tests, or knowledge exams that are tailored to your unique assessment needs. Once an initial pool of test items have been created and pilot tested, Dr. Holland can also perform psychometric statistical analyses (based on classical test theory and/or item response theory) to help you refine your test and ensure that it yields accurate and unbiased information.

Dissertation Consulting

If you’re pulling your hair out over your dissertation and not getting the support you need from your committee, schedule a consult with Dr. Holland to see if Lifespark’s dissertation consulting services can help. Dr. Holland has served on dozens of dissertation committees and has expertise in developing and testing assessment tools, evaluating interventions, analyzing longitudinal data, and extracting findings from large, complex data sets. He can assist you with research design for a dissertation and also offers dissertation statistical analysis consulting services.