Birth, Rebirth, and the Meaning of Easter Eggs

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When you think of Easter eggs it probably conjures up images of food dye, colorful patterns, and egg-shaped candies. But this symbol has a far deeper meaning.

As self-aware beings, our minds seem to naturally wonder, what is life and where are its boundaries?

-Dr. Jason Holland, Lifespark

Eggs are rich with symbolism and show up time and again in creation stories and cultural myths. In the context of Easter, the egg represents the empty tomb from which Jesus was resurrected.

Whether you regard this resurrection as historical fact or spiritual allegory, the theme of birth, death, and rebirth looms large in the human psyche. The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, regarded rebirth as a central archetype that lives in our collective unconscious. And it comes up over and over again in dreams, myths, and creation stories across a number of cultures.

As self-aware beings, our minds seem to naturally wonder, what is life and where are its boundaries?

In celebration of Easter and Passover, this week we’ll be exploring the question ‘What is life’  in greater depth. Each article will tackle some aspect of this question, drawing upon the latest science on the topic.

Tomorrow’s piece examines a new, ground-breaking theory on the origins of life and explores how it can help us understand our own lives.

Then on Wednesday, you can test your knowledge of life and take our ‘Facts of Life Quiz.’

On Thursday, we’ll be discussing a single equation that appears to unite all forms of life and can predict an organism’s life span with surprising accuracy.

Finally, we’ll end the week on Friday by exploring what science has to tell us about the boundary between life and death.

So join us everyday this week for more on ‘What is Life According to Science?’. And in the comments below, share your thoughts on what you believe makes life sacred.      


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